Shaping the pizza dough

Our Story

Whilst 2020 was a challenging year for most it was an exciting and productive year for us enabling us to realise our dream and share our love of authentic Italian cuisine – notably Pizzas.

Franco and Angela are 1st cousins who were raised in a Northampton to a large Italian family and have a joint passion for Italian cookery. Inspired by their grandmother “Nonna Lucia,” who in their opinion, is a “yet to be beaten” cook and ignited their passion for food from young ages.

Nonna Lucia was born to a Neapolitan father and was raised in Calabria, the home of Nduja and some other world-renowned produce such as tomatoes, the famous Tropea onions and of course chilli’s. These all form an integral part of the local cuisine and have helped form the basis of our menu.

At Nonna Lucia’s we are committed remaining authentic, producing traditional quality pizzas with the freshest ingredients. Italian cookery really is about producing maximum flavour from a select few ingredients.

Whilst pizza is enjoyed by the masses and appears relatively simple to produce there is an exact science to achieving a light base and the perfect crust. This is something we pride ourselves in and is an absolute must for real Neapolitan pizzas.

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